SAP Cloud Migration is made easier with Diligent Global as we help eliminate complexities out of your way to provide seamless migration of your data onto cloud servers. Strategise and implement easy SAP Migration To Cloud without affecting your ongoing business procedures with ease.

Migrate applications, systems, and storage to a cloud environment for scalability, improved productivity, and lowered capital and operating costs with the help of SAP Migration To Cloud.

Why Opt For SAP Migration To Cloud?

There is a reason why most companies in different industrial sectors are opting for SAP Cloud Migration, and the primary reason is increased productivity and cost management.

  • Connected Business Operations
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Insightful Reports
  • Tailored Strategies
  • Implementation of Future Planning

End-To-End SAP Cloud Migration With Diligent Global

SAP Cloud Migration is considered a complex procedure which doesn’t have to be when you opt for the expertise of diligent cloud services. We help lay out the entire blueprint of your SAP migration to cloud journey with specified and detailed procedures.

Our procedure is divided into three phases:

  • Analysis and Planning: Our first step requires analyzing and understanding the business requirements of our clients and figuring out any complexities we may face during the migration.
  • Migration Done Step-By-Step: We then carefully migrate your application, software, and database onto the cloud automation while keeping in mind that your ongoing procedures aren’t affected.
  • Post-Management And Monitoring: We then monitor your entire system to ensure a smooth running of operations while seeking out any possible errors or risks.

Implementing Software-as-a-Service

We implement SaaS solutions as part of your cloud strategy and integrate them into your business using pre-built accelerators. You gain access to software from leading vendors, such as Google, Microsoft, Netsuite, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, and Workday.

Get Access To Customised Insights With SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud migration will open up new insight into your business operations. You will get customized analytical reports highlighting your expenses and proficiency while letting you identify room for improvement.

Safe And Secure Data Migration With Diligent Global

Secure your most critical data while eliminating the case of a data breach with safe data migration by Diligent Global. We ensure that the process follows robust security protocols that help secure your essential data warehouse data structures.

Benefits Of SAP Cloud Migration

Financial Planning & Analysis

  • Integrated business planning
  • Consolidation management
  • Strategy management & balanced scorecards (BSC)
  • Profitability & cost management

Accounting & Financial Close

  • Accounting
  • Receivables management
  • Procure to Pay
  • Corporate Close
  • Reporting and disclosure

Financial Supply Chain Management

  • Bank Communications Management
  • Cash and Liquidity Management
  • Treasury and Risk Management

Management Accounting

  • Overhead Cost Control
  • Standard Costing vs. Actual Costing (Product Costing)
  • Profitability & Cost Management

Portfolio and Project Management (PPM)

  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • Commercial Project Management
  • Project System (PS) & Project Accounting
  • Portfolio and Project Management

Oil & Gas

  • Joint Venture Accounting (JVA)
  • Production Sharing Accounting (PSA)
  • Production and Revenue Accounting (PRA)
  • Trader’s and Scheduler’s Workbench (TSW)