“We partner with out clients to create operating models with an ‘Automation First’ focus to improve transaction cycles, reduce manual effort and increase capacity within teams.”

– Paulo Coimbra, Senior Vice President, Global Operations

Business Consulting

Ace a reasonably competitive environment with professional business consulting from Diligent Global.

Innovation, transformation, and leadership take many forms. At Diligent Global, we can solve your most complex issues to deliver strategy and implementation, helping you become the industry leader in your competitive market.

From supply chain analytics to financial consulting, we help companies make the best use of their resources, management, and strategic planning.

Business Consulting Services Provided By Diligent Global


  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning): Manage your core business operations by utilizing the resources on hand in real-time value through integrating the latest software technology. Ensure smooth operations of your business procedures with minimal risk.
  • Financial And Operational Data Analysis: Manage your organization’s financial and operational expenditures and have complete insight into your expenses through integrated financial and operational data management and analysis.
  • Organizational Structure Optimization: Raise your resources, time, and cost-effectiveness by implementing a rigid operational structure optimization to help meet your goals.
  • Offshoring & Outsourcing: Outsource your company’s operational activities to help maximize your speed and profits at a cost-effective rate.

Supply Chain Analytics

  • Seamless Supplier Integration: Integrate cutting-edge technical software into your operating system to significantly improve efficiency without hindering your procedures through our supply chain analytics services.
  • Optimal Inventory Management: Stay updated with your consumer demand through robots and holistic optimal inventory management that will help you meet high demand without any cash flow hiccups.
  • Reduced Transportation Cost: Eliminate unnecessary expenses through innovative transportation supply chain analytics strategies.

Business and Technology

  • Industrialization Of Technology Operations: Maximize your profits, efficiency, and resource management at reduced cost and time by implementing the latest technological innovations into your industry.
  • Globalization And Offshoring Strategies: Globalize your national business and place roots in international lands with our effective globalization and offshoring strategies.
  • Leverage Of Cloud Computing: Harness the power of cloud computing into your system to create a proficient operational process that will give you a complete insight into your business procedures.

Human Resources

  • Winning Strategies, Skills, And Behaviors: We will help you analyze what you are missing by implementing effective strategies and teaching your employees essential skills and behavioral practices.
  • Innovation, Learning, And Improvement: Utilise the latest technological trends to improve the competency level of your business operations and increase employee skillset.
  • Self-Managing Employees: We help ensure that your employees represent the best of your company values and take on leadership roles in your business through rigid training and skills learning.