“We partner with out clients to create operating models with an ‘Automation First’ focus to improve transaction cycles, reduce manual effort and increase capacity within teams.”

– Paulo Coimbra, Senior Vice President, Global Operations

Business Consulting

Innovation, transformation and leadership take many forms. At Diligent Global, we can solve your most complex issues to deliver strategy and implementation, helping you become leaders in the markets where you compete.


  • ERP
  • Financial and operational data analysis
  • Organizational structure optimization
  • Offshoring & outsourcing

Supply Chain

  • Seamless supplier integration
  • Optimal inventory management
  • Reduced transportation cost

Business and Technology

  • Industrialization of technology operations
  • Globalization and offshoring strategies
  • Leverage of cloud computing

Human Resources

  • Winning strategies, skills and behaviors
  • Innovation, learning and improvement
  • Self-managing employees