“We push the boundaries of what’s possible by delivering innovative cloud-based platforms for our clients, so they can deliver business outcomes faster.”

– Atul Siddam, Principal Consultant, SAP and Co-founder of Diligent Global


Diligent Global helps accelerate business proficiency and operations by providing them with holistically, tailored and cloud-based solutions through SAP Application Management and Application Managed Services.

Cloud Computation Strategy

Helping tailor cloud computation strategies to our clients that help accelerate their operations while giving them a brief insight into their system’s performance, growth, and shortcomings.

  • Cloud Strategy Alignment: Aligning the proposed cloud strategy optimized to the client’s requirements and analysis suited to maximize their resources at a cost-effective deployment.
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis: Providing a complete cloud computation cost-benefit analysis of cloud deployment and how it could help save money for our client. Our entire model doesn’t involve hidden costs or unnecessary purchases irrelevant to the system.
  • Development Roadmap: We help provide an end-to-end cloud development to deployment roadmap blueprint, briefly describing each step.

SAP Migration To Cloud

Our end-to-end SAP Application Management services help our clients effortlessly migrate their SAP applications to cloud automation without hindering their ongoing operations and providing post-migration governance and monitoring.

  • Migration Of Applications, Systems, And Storage: This step deals with migrating the existing essential applications, system, and database storage onto the cloud servers. Our SAP Application Management service deals with planning, implementation, and monitoring ongoing processes to look out for potential threats.
  • Planning, Implementation, And Ongoing Management: We provide end-to-end planning and implementation of cloud migration services along with management and monitoring.
  • Implementation of SaaS: Seamless integration of essential SaaS (Software as a Service) applications that help streamline the migration. These new SaaS integrations help alleviate the ongoing operation without making any major changes to the system.
  • Integration Using Pre-Built Accelerators:Using pre-built accelerators to integrate new and innovative tech applications into the SAP application management service system.

Cloud Security And Governance Services

After the successful Cloud Implementation and SAP migration, Diligent Global helps provide our clients with constant monitoring and governance services to maintain the system’s proper functioning and look out for potential errors in the application managed services, if any.

  • Flexible Integration Of Cloud And On-Premise Infrastructure: Integration of seamless cloud automation without hindering our client’s on-premise infrastructure and operations.
  • Establishment Of Process, Metrics & Reporting Standards: We help establish a prolific business process, insightful metrics, and reporting standards that aid our clients in getting a complete view of their ongoing proceedings.
  • Integration With Existing Governance Policies & Tools: Diligent Global specializes in integrating new technological software and system in accordance with the existing governance policies and tools of our client’s business.