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The public sector or the government institutions are blessed with external funds which enable them to maintain a strong infrastructure.

The SAP solutions enable them to meet individual sponsor requirements without compromising their internal accounting processes.

Grants, donations or awards can be managed over their whole life-cycle – from internal draft and application to the consumption and the final close-out. The management of pass-through grants is included in all these phases.

Diligent can perform as:

a team of committed professionals with expertise in deploying SAP Grantee Management solution. Some of the aspects which we focus in helping our clients are:

  • Primarily in successful implementation of SAP product in the area of Grantee Management
  • Assists in the development of overall project plan (scoping through staffing) as well as individual work plans
  • Analyzes and maps clients’ business requirements, processes and objectives; develops necessary product modifications to satisfy clients’ needs
  • Provides functional expertise, guidance, presentation, and knowledge transfer to clients.