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Once the funds are given a green flag, the organization spreads its wings to become fully operational on the basis of the rules mentioned along with the sanction of the funds.

Business processes flow from commitment stages reflected by funds reservations, precommitments, commitments and fund blockings to invoice processing and payment. Individual organizational requirements determine the steps to be implemented and recorded in accordance with the legal rules in place.

The primary ordeal of the Budget control system is to control and manage the funds efficiently and regulate the fiscal transactions and prevent budget overruns. The budget can be adapted to changes in conditions by entering releases, supplements, returns, and transfers. Accrual based, cash based or modified accrual based accounting methods or a mix of them are available.

By using this fully integrated solution with other components of SAP, organizations can closely control their budget, with the following questions in mind

  • What funds will the areas of responsibility receive?
  • Where do these funds come from (source of funds)?
  • What are the funds used for? (use of funds)
  • How to ensure adequate control of funds?

Why Diligent?

The question is what more than Diligent which has a team of committed professionals with expertise in deploying SAP BCS (FM) solution. Some of the aspects which we focus in helping our clients are:

  • Primarily in successful implementation of SAP product in the area of Grantee Management
  • Assists in the development of overall project plan (scoping through staffing) as well as individual work plans
  • Analyzes and maps clients’ business requirements, processes and objectives; develops necessary product modifications to satisfy clients’ needs
  • Provides functional expertise, guidance, presentation, and knowledge transfer to clients.