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As the world is scaling the stairs of technology, the most affected field is Engineering and construction industry. The competition among the clients increases the requirement of variety and skill in implementing their projects.

Apart from this information regarding multiple projects planned and being executed is scattered in so much that collection and compilation of the information itself will become a major bottleneck in taking appropriate decisions.

This leads delay in information transfer from one location to other location and within project offices. These delays also lead to improper cash flow planning ultimately affecting progress of the project.SAP provides a comprehensive solution in Project Management meeting most of the requirements of EC&O industry and addresses the challenges. Since there will be single version of truth available across the company about the projects, execution and decision making capabilities increase thereby projects can be executed profitably.

Why Diligent

Diligent Tech India Pvt. Ltd. has highly qualified and experienced professionals in the areas of EC&O and has deployed SAP solutions in multiple EC&O industries. Our resources are well aware of various challenges faced by EC&O industry and has provided comprehensive solutions meeting most of the requirements of the industry.