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India is a unique country which demands a version of its own for everything, even for a version of English language. Such a demanding country requires a customized version of everything.

Country India Version is the solution designed by SAP for use by businesses with operations in India. It comprises of functions designed for law and business practices particular to India, and a country template to help customize the system according to local requirements along with the generic SAP system functions.

The Indian version mainly deals with financial and logical sectors.The different areas are:
  • Excise duty and the central value-added tax system (CENVAT)
  • Withholding tax (also known as tax deducted at source)
  • Sales tax
  • Maintenance and printing of statutory excise registers

Diligent Consulting CIN practice has skilled and dedicated resources with a proven track record of implementing CIN solution for significant volume of customers. Our expertise has given us competitive advantage to deploy CIN solution as a packaged service that comes with predefined deliverable resulting in significant cost savings for our customers.