Planning and Consolidation

A blueprint decides the pros and cones of a house or any structure. If the blueprint is precise, so will the final product. In the economic and financial strata too, we need to be accurate and plan things in the most advanced way possible to stay ahead.

SAP Business Objects Business Planning and Consolidation is the state of the art Planning , Budgeting and Consolidation tool for Target setting, Long Term Strategic Planning, Short term operational planning and is integrated across the enterprise for a streamlined planning, budgeting and performance reporting within the enterprise. Business Objects Business Planning and Consolidation can be effectively utilized for Legal, Management and consolidation of investment.

Business Planning and Consolidation

Diligent consulting focus on Corporate Performance management using SAP BOBJ BPC and has in-depth business and technology consulting experience and proven track record in Planning, Consolidation, Performance management and Strategy management solutions. We are a small group of qualified and passionate consultants who can help / advice and deploy these solutions in your organization.

Our consulting practices focus on SAP Business Objects Business Planning and Consolidation and hence can give a broader outlook for your enterprise implementation.

Some of the aspects which we focus in helping our clients are:-
  • Evaluating the existing planning, Budgeting, Consolidation and performance management framework within the enterprise.
  • Advising the appropriate tools with a broader outlook into SAP BOBJ BPC/ BW and comparing the results for the most appropriate fit within the enterprise.
  • Evaluating your user requirements by quick look templates for faster development of the scope frameworks.
  • Supporting CFO and CIO in evaluating the best fit based on the above.