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Two is better than one. This is the motto behind Joint Venture Accounting. A joint venture partnership consists of an operating partner (operator) and one or more non-operating partners who combine monetary or personnel resources to share a project’s expenses and revenues.

The operator manages the venture, arranges venture activities, and maintains accounting records. The operator remits venture expenses, collects revenues, and distributes these to the partners, according to their ownership shares.

SAP JVA is a complete accounting system for joint ventures. Diligent has the elixir to cure even the gravest technical disorders.

We extend our services as:

Model business blueprint based on variable business requirement such as
  • Billing Basis
    • Expenditure base
    • Invoice Based
    • Cash Based
  • Operator as operator or Operator as partner orient accounting
Position papers on
  • New GL Integration with JVA
  • Master Data Design
  • Farm in Farm out process
  • Period end process
Model configuration document for
  • Operated joint venture
  • Non Operator joint Venture
Customized programs for
  • Cash call forecasting
  • JVA e-billing