“When our clients need to identify new ways of engagement, integrate them with their architecture and ensure a smooth adoption, we offer the complete spectrum of solutions to help them do it.”

– Karthick Sethunarayanan, Transformation Project Manager


Diligent Global helps organizations across industries deploy best-in-class digital solutions by bringing together the right expertise and assets to adapt to rapidly changing customer demands in the omnichannel commercial space. We help our clients gain competitive leverage by adopting more user-friendly technology and utilizing efficient strategies.

Digital Strategy & Transformation

Let the professionals at diligent global help you through a digital revamp to put your brand at the pinnacle of your industry with the help of our Digital Strategy & Transformation.

  • Digital Strategy Development: Looking to finally utilize the power of digital and promote your brand at a larger scale? We will help you strategize and implement digital strategies that expose your brand or organization to a bigger audience.
  • Strategy Execution Assurance: Worried if your proposed strategy will be effective in the long run? Not to worry, as Diligent Global ensures a confident strategy execution assurance.
  • Technology Enablement: Integrate new technology into your system to help utilize your resources and gain a competitive advantage.
  • SAP HANA Strategy Roadmap: SAP Hana is an online cloud automation software that helps store and retrieve data organized by the applications in a system for the purpose of analysis and study. Most people wonder about the ECC and SAP Hana difference and it is justifiable. It is often confused with ECC software, but the main difference between SAP ECC And SAP HANA is that ECC is a more in-house ERP product while Hana deals with analytics and assessment of the data.
  • Applications Consolidation Assessment: Consolidating multiple applications effortlessly into your system on the go.
  • Applications Modernization Assessment: Integrating new applications or upgrading your existing applications to modern standards to leverage better efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Digital Customer Experience

Let Diligent Global help you instill a positive experience with your users through our holistic Digital Customer Experience services.

  • Mobile Solutions: In the digital world, the major consumer base operates from mobile phones hence we help customize your digital presence to suit mobile-friendly audiences.
  • Holistic User Experience: Helping you utilize your brand ideals and values to reach an audience with similar interests.
  • Omni-Channel Experience: Helping your consumers experience a holistic omnichannel experience by collaborating your digital platforms with each other so they can have positive feedback.
  • Internal Collaboration: Collaborate within your internal team to share reputed knowledge for the benefit of the company. Internal Collaboration is a heavily implemented strategy among the team for problem-solving results and increased productivity.
  • ‘Digital First’ Mindset: Install the mindset of utilizing digital knowledge to customize your work experience and future strategies. The best of strategies is driven by the utilization of data and Diligent Global helps companies work on a “Digital First” mindset.