“We leverage the latest technology as well as Diligent Global’s expertise, methodologies and partnerships to provide innovative and cost-effective services”

– Farhan Mubashir, President and Co-founder of Diligent Global

Run & Maintain

Diligent Global ensures that our client’s infrastructure and application development strategies and services are aligned with their business requirements in a dynamic, ever-changing market. We help our clients maintain a seamless operational efficiency that aids them in getting a competitive edge. From SAP Vulnerability Management to Application Development, we eliminate detect and eliminate potential risks and errors.

Infrastructure Services

Diligent Global provides services that provide regular support to a company’s operational infrastructure. From a smooth operation process to safety and security, we ensure that our clients maintain a rigid and secure infrastructure architecture.

  • Servers: We maintain existing online servers for our clients and eliminate potential errors.
  • Networks: Ensuring our clients maintain proficient transparency through a competent network infrastructure.
  • Storage: Monitoring and providing cohesive storage spaces for our clients to warrant they don’t run out of storage space during critical documentation.
  • Databases: Helping our clients maintain a well-organized database network infrastructure without data-breach risk through rigid security protocols.
  • IT Helpdesk: Providing a 24/7 IT Helpdesk service that will be quick, adaptable, and accessible to their consumers.
  • Data Centers: Building a robust data center infrastructure and maintaining a smooth telecommunication, storage, and IT system.

Application Development

We provide end-to-end application development, management, and maintenance services optimized to the latest modern trends and integrated with accessible technical innovations.

  • Mobile: Designing mobile application services for our consumers, from native, hybrid, and web applications.
  • Ecommerce: Helping our clients provide a seamless shopping experience to their consumers by designing interactive ecommerce applications for them.
  • Process: We help streamline the application process for our clients, which helps them create a positive user experience.
  • Omni-Channel: Merging our client’s physical and digital data into one singular server.
  • Industry-Specific Solutions: Optimizing applications according to our client’s specific requirements and after analyzing their particular industry.
  • Custom Applications: Brining our client’s ideas and vision to life by helping them create a custom application service that represents the best of their brand and services.

SAP Managed Services

Diligent Global has widespread expertise in strategizing, developing, implementing, integrating, maintaining, monitoring, and supporting SAP-managed services into the business system for our clients. We help ensure the smooth efficiency of their operations and eliminate any possible errors.

  • SAP Vulnerability Management: We help analyze and detect any potential inconveniences in the architecture system of our client with our SAP Vulnerability Management services.
  • SAP Document Management: Document management in SAP is an essential checklist that maintains prolific transparency in the organization.
  • Staffing Solutions: Increasing the efficiency of our clients by providing them with customized staffing solutions.
  • Outsourcing Services: Help our clients deliver their projects on time by providing customized staffing and outsourcing services.