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Anything new, anything not previously applied is unknown to humans until it undergoes a process called testing. From the simplest of inventions to the most complex ones. The complicated the product, the profound is its magnitude of impact and hence, greater is the need for testing.

In the current scenario, inventions and noval applications are surging up like mushrooms in a thunder storm and in order to win the race, often they skip the hurdle called testing. Testability as a desired feature is acknowledged but rarely integrated into design early enough and, when it is, enough time is not allocated to it.

Quality tradeoffs usually lead to more time spent of defect fixing, intermittent automation coverage and limited test code reusability. An integrated approach to testing and development activities is the need of the hour that helps organizations realize the full compelling benefits of agile software development.

What can Diligent do?

Diligent can provide a platform and extend services which helps in testing programs. We offer our assistance is areas such as:

  • Web Testing
  • Desktop Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Application Security Testing
  • Test Design Automation