Executive Summary

Diligent technology teams partnered with client teams to co-create and implement technical solutions supporting ongoing business strategies. Selecting and evaluating new technologies, defining product development road maps, identifying testing strategies, and implementing to delivery excellence were key components of the successful project. Multiple technologies were involved and end-customer experience was a key priority that was diligently followed resulting in accelerated feature releases and cost savings in terms of on-boarding technical expertise.

About Vinschool

International school

The Problem

  • Implement complete Planning Solution using SAP BPC Embedded
  • Looking for integrated driver based planning solution in detailed level possible
  • VinSchool wants business user owned planning solution which integrated with business reports
  • Planning Process are too detailed & Time consuming for Finance department/new users
  • Customer wants simplified, specific, task-oriented, and standard Business Planning Process
  • Finance wants to control the planning process and the budget in any point of time


  • Internally integrated between models, Integration with ERP system to obtain real time values
  • Readily available P&L Reports, Cash Flow reports by capturing real time changes from planning models all in Single platform i.e Excel (AO Analysis)
  • Powerful Business Process flow provides guided workflow functionality with ease
  • Mistake free data planning using characteristics relationship
  • Process Monitoring including Administration, Security, Locking of Period, Version


  • Business owns Budgeting platform with optimal requirement from IT.
  • Seamless Integration with SAP ECC and BPM Sale to BPC to extract Actuals which helps as reference for Budget in real time.
  • Cross model integration to capture real time changes in Revenue for Expense planning.
  • Readily available financial statements with real time values from planning models
  • Multidimensional reporting using AO cross tab and real time currency conversion with several chart options