Executive Summary

Diligent technology teams partnered with client teams to co-create and implement technical solutions supporting ongoing business strategies. Selecting and evaluating new technologies, defining product development road maps, identifying testing strategies, and implementing to delivery excellence were key components of the successful project. Multiple technologies were involved and end-customer experience was a key priority that was diligently followed resulting in accelerated feature releases and cost savings in terms of on-boarding technical expertise.


An Indonesian state-owned oil and natural gas corporation based in Jakarta. The firm is currently the second-largest crude oil producer in Indonesia behind the US-based Chevron Pacific Indonesia

The Problem

  • PERTAMINA was live with JVA and parallel currency since last 4 years. However Due to IFRS requirement parallel currency setup of Pertamina was not sufficient.
  • To use functional currency USD, SLO currency conversion function was implemented.
  • Third Currency IDR needs to be  swapped with hard currency USD.
  • No Changes in historical data for Financial and JVA books were needed.
  • Ledger 4C/4D needs to be removed.


  • Solution approach and detailed assessment were carried out to assess feasibility of Currency conversion project.
  • USD was used as Group currency in FICO and Hard currency in JVA books.
  • Ledger 4A/4B/4E/4F currency were converted  using SLO currency conversion
  • Production sharing Accounting Ledgers 4P/4R were also converted


  • IFRS Compliant SAP Financial Solutions including Financial Accounting, Management Accounting & Joint Venture Accounting.
  • Feasibility report for Currency Conversion Project