Executive Summary

Diligent technology teams partnered with client teams to co-create and implement technical solutions supporting ongoing business strategies. Selecting and evaluating new technologies, defining product development road maps, identifying testing strategies, and implementing to delivery excellence were key components of the successful project. Multiple technologies were involved and end-customer experience was a key priority that was diligently followed resulting in accelerated feature releases and cost savings in terms of on-boarding technical expertise.

About ONGC

An Indian Multinational Crude Oil and Gas Corporation. Its registered office is at New Delhi, India. It is a state-owned enterprise of the Government of India, under the administrative control of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas.

The Problem

  • Oil  & Natural Gas Corporation is an National Oil Company, India. 14 producing assets spread across the different geographies in India was part of PRA scope.
  • Production setup of each of the ONGC Assets is significantly different from one another forcing each Phase to be treated as a fresh Implementation and not a Roll out.
  • Multiple Group gathering station and central tank  farm needs to be mapped in single delivery network. Entire reporting pertinent to Daily well downtime , Loss reporting etc., was manual and involved huge effort
  • Royalty calculation on oil & gas product is different for each of the states. Royalty calculation required for tight integration of production accounting and sales function to calculate complex routines in order to derive the royalty payment figures and form printing requirement.


  • Harmonisation of Production Accounting system across different Assets. Well wise production, Down time and Losses is made much more easy and online information provided to the management for critical decision making on a daily basis..
  • Data Entry was simplified and Users are now using only 4 transactions on a daily basis in PRA Production module.
  • Even though Royalty reporting is unique for each State , Custom developments were created to generate all legal forms and workings pertinent to Royalty reporting thereby eliminating the entire manual activity involved in this process.
  • Well wise profitability and balance sheet as required by local laws has been created through user defined and user friendly framework thereby eliminating significant manual work.


  • Huge Cost Saving in with visibility of Daily Production Data, Well Downtime, Losses at Well level, and Well workover plan.
  • Manual efforts of collating production information in excel sheets are removed and automated with only 4 transaction codes.
  • Each Asset has unique Delivery network design and PRA Solution gave accurate depiction of the material movement across delivery network.