Executive Summary

Diligent technology teams partnered with client teams to co-create and implement technical solutions supporting ongoing business strategies. Selecting and evaluating new technologies, defining product development road maps, identifying testing strategies, and implementing to delivery excellence were key components of the successful project. Multiple technologies were involved and end-customer experience was a key priority that was diligently followed resulting in accelerated feature releases and cost savings in terms of on-boarding technical expertise.

About Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi

Etihad is one of the leading Airline in the world based out of Abu Dhabi.

The Problem

  • Etihad is one of the leading Airline in the world based out of Abu Dhabi.
  • Recovery project was undertaken by senior management to maximise the value out of SAP implementation.
  • Incorrect data migration had backlog of vendor invoices for more than one year for migration purchase orders and un-reconciled GRIR balance.


  • GRIR and Purchase order data correction cockpit was developed to remove the inconsistency in the migration purchase orders and GRIR.
  • Funds Management implementation was redesigned to meet various requirement such as budget check at parent account level, reporting of budget vs. actual for each station.
  • Bespoke financial reporting was developed to fast close month end processing.
  • Enhancement in foreign currency difference.
  • Bug fixing in Interfaces.
  • Accrual engine Implementation for prepaid expenses amortisation
  • Intercompany process implementation for HR-FI integration and payment on behalf.


  • Simple Finance Enhancements
  • Accrual Engine Functionality
  • Funds Management Enhancement
  • Bespoke Finance reporting
  • Interface Monitoring report
  • Intercompany process implementation of HR-FI and MM-FI related process