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Two is always better than one. And if that ‘two’ can be updated based on the current trends and technologies in such a way that it suits itself to the challenges of the society. Agile practices bring collaboration, feedback and continuous improvement to the development cycle, resulting in more responsive and adaptive organizations. It helps deliver high-quality applications that meet customer needs.

Diligent, with Digital in its DNA, is equipped to help enterprise teams with agile transformation. The word agility becomes meaningful to the dot when it is dealt by Diligent with its team ensuring swift and specific routes and channels for efficient projects. Organizational culture and mindset are critical to the success of distributed agile projects. Enterprises need the right partner who can address all of these and deliver projects efficiently.

Diligent has considerable experience in executing agile projects in both onsite and offshore models. Our governance models foster communication, coordination and collaboration among distributed teams. We collaborate with our customers to understand their past experience in implementing evolutionary methodologies and tools. Our focus on shorter delivery cycles mitigates risk and provides early corrective actions to meet release timelines. We support our clients with strategic recommendations to adopt agile methods. We help choose platforms, tools and metrics that increase visibility and predictability.