Investing in Managed Technology Development Centers

Identifying the most compatible and valuable development partner is challenging in the current global environment. Cost is a compelling factor – but so is innovation, and that comes at a price.

Product development life cycles are shrinking, which is why access to the global talent pool is key to success. That is why development partners must have the competencies, experience and infrastructure needed to solve technology challenges in the real world.

Key Success Factors for Selecting Managed Development Services

When choosing the ideal technology partner, organizations should consider the following:

Reusable knowledge library: Reusable libraries reduce the time and effort required to deliver custom software solutions. Having solved similar industry specific problems before, we devise reusable components that can be integrated with minimal changes. Diligent Global’s reusable library is a testament to the maturity, competence and skill of our teams.

Cost and quality: A state-of-the-art distributed delivery model, based on proven methodologies, enables us to customize solutions that focus on reducing costs and improving quality.

Transition to steady state: Companies look for a seamless transition from implementation to support. We deliver this through documentation, knowledge transfer, and support hubs so that we can collect, analyse & resolve issues in real time.

Transformational Benefits to Business Stakeholders

Companies trust Diligent Global because our one-team approach allows us to align ourselves with your business needs for greater speed at lower cost.

Trusted partnership: By building extended teams that provide global & local (‘Glocal’) support, we have evolved into highly trusted partners to our clients worldwide.

Access to talent: Diligent Global provides visibility and access to the expertise required to manage, execute and support custom development.

Full life cycle services: We also support tailored maintenance services for custom solutions.

Ready-to-Access Skills and Expertise for Managed Technology Development Services

Some of our critical skills:

  • Design & development of custom SAP applications on ABAP
  • Mobility and analytics applications
  • HANA-based standalone applications
  • Integration with non-SAP solutions
  • Migration custom ABAP code to SAP S/4 HANA
  • Quality review
  • Security code review

Project Management & Quality Standards

Diligent Global will address your specific business requirements, providing you with quality solutions that leverage the latest technologies while minimizing your development risks. We achieve this using our Plan->Build->Run approach, while adhering to best practice in Project Management, Quality Management, Change & Configuration Management, and Risk Management.
We assure quality through unit, functional, integration, regression, and acceptance testing. Defect prevention processes include causal analysis, final project review, phase-end reviews, client feedback, and metrics analysis.

Delivery Process and Ongoing Support

Diligent Global deploys proven development methodologies and standards to ensure quality development. We mitigate business and technical risk by synchronizing custom solutions with strategies that are aligned to your business vision. We deliver service flexibility and reduced delivery costs, together with complete visibility of the solution through requirement traceability. Diligent Management Services will ensure that the solution we build for you will perform optimally over time, and we will commit to providing a flexible support model that addresses your business requirements both now and in the future.

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