“We empower our clients by drawing insights and forecasts from their data, creating an integrated technology and business blueprint aligned to their organization’s priorities”

– Karthick Sethunarayanan, Director, Emerging Technologies

Insights & Data

Insights and data are strategic assets that can help you identify evolving opportunities, hidden threats, changing customer expectations and the competitive landscape. Diligent Global can help you use this to defend, differentiate and even reimagine your business.

Reimagine your business strategies with Diligent Global, as we specialize in using innovative solutions to provide our clients with customized insights and data regarding their business operations. Identify growth opportunities and hidden threats, improve customer expectations, and get an edge in the competitive landscape with Diligent Global.

We use modern DWaaS solutions like Azure Data Warehouse to provide our clients with customized reports per their requirements.

Reporting & Analytics

Looking for a brief analytical and insightful report of your ongoing business operations? Diligent Global specializes in expert Data Warehousing And Data Mining that can help you with our reporting and supply chain analytics services that help visualize your data into a more strategic and organized structure.

  • Maturity assessment: Attribute your company’s operations to evolve to achieve your business objectives continuously.
  • Visualization: Get a brief data visualization of every aspect of your company’s proceedings to highlight rooms for improvement with detailed analysis.
  • Data Quality Management: With the help of our holistic data warehousing & data mining services, you can improve the quality of your critical data management.
  • Legacy modernization: Maximize your network and technical efficiency with our customized IT solutions that contribute to your constant growth.
  • Modern Data Warehouse: Store your critical Data Warehouse & Data Structures information with utmost security.
  • Cloud strategy: Streamline your IT operations with a cloud automation strategy.

Big Data

Handle your most critical data in bulk with secure solutions by Diligent Global.

  • Architecture and design: Improve and upgrade the existing network architecture and design with the help of Microsoft Azure Data Warehouse.
  • Data Lakes: Easy data storage solutions for data warehouse & data structure organization.
  • Hadoop / HDInsight clusters: Manage your large-scale data scaling in a more simplified way with customized HDInsight clusters.
  • Big data batch processing: Manage data from low to high volume at any time scale with big data batch processing.
  • Real-time data processing: Get a complete insight into your data management with real-time updates.

Artificial Intelligence

Make the best use of modernized artificial intelligence solutions that allude to improving the quality of Data Warehousing And Business Intelligence of an organization with Diligent Global.

  • Computer Vision solutions: Solve complex visual problems with computer vision solutions.
  • Text, image, speech, and video analytics: Utilize every source of information for your operation.
  • Commercial robots programming: Commercialise your operations with customized artificial robots programming
  • End‑to‑end solution deployment: Integrate new software into your system in a more simplified manner through Data Warehousing And Business Intelligence.

Machine Learning

Diligent Global helps you improve the accuracy of your data insights through customized machine-learning procedures that help analyze every single attribute of your corporate data and algorithm.

  • Data preparation & ingestion for ML pipelines
  • Predictive analytics
  • Prescriptive analytics
  • Real‑time recommendation models
  • Web crawling and smart data development