Farhan Mubashir


Decorated with rich experience in the technology domain, Farhan is also one of the co-founders on Diligent. Qualified as a Development Architect, he comes with 17 years of product development experience across Industry and Technology platforms.

Career Highlights:

Global Solution Owner and Lead Architect for Asset Life Cycle Accounting for Utility and Oil and Gas industry.

A)        Delivered more than 15 XL tailor-made custom development projects across different platforms for customers which included: Center Point Energy (USA), Bosch (Germany), Allianz (Germany), Daimler (Germany), Ministry of Defense (Singapore), Miraca Holdings (Japan), Amgen (USA), Unilever (UK), Carl Zeiss (Germany)

B)        A global experience spanning across mature and developing markets.

C)        Thorough understanding of Product Development Methodology including; Portfolio planning, Release strategy, Product standards compliance, Q-Gates, Test strategy, Customer Ramp up, Landscape- dual maintenance strategy, Release and Corrections

  1. SAP Global Service and Support Award for two consecutive quarters
  2. SAP Service Delivery Excellence Award
  3. SAP Top Talent for 3 consecutive years

Selected Projects and Engagement Highlights:

  • Headed extensive enterprise-wide business transformation and ERP implementation projects across all verticals of solution lifestyle for 3 leading organization; WIPRO BPO, Miraca Holdings, and Axalta Coating Systems
  • Led enterprise-wide 3PL and 4 PL Integration, and Transformation program for several companies leveraging AEB integration platform
  • Led an end-to-end process Design and Implementation of P2P and O2C processes for an automotive major
  • Designed and developed a solution for scale-based and derivative-based billing engine
  • Created and advanced a solution based on net realizable value for product cost and allocation of the same to the respective products during joint production process
  • Spawned and set up solutions for automation of milk collection, recording of FAT and SNF content from the echo Milk Analyzer and trigger farmer payments. This end to end process was integrated with real-time back-end ERP system


Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science Engineering, University of Delhi (Delhi), India.