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Cloud computing is still a subject of research. A driving factor in the evolution of cloud computing has been chief technology officers seeking to minimize risk of internal outages and mitigate the complexity of housing network and computing hardware in-house. Major cloud technology companies invest billions of dollars per year in cloud Research and Development. For example, in 2011 Microsoft committed 90 percent of its $9.6 billion R&D budget to its cloud. Research by investment bank Centaur Partners in late 2015 forecasted that SaaS revenue would grow from $13.5 billion in 2011 to $32.8 billion in 2016

Cloud strategy services:-

We help enterprises assess their cloud maturity. We help craft roadmap and advice on the right cloud approach (public, private, and hybrid cloud), cloud type (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS), reference architectures, cloud security, and cloud management.

Cloud migration services :-

A or B, Black or white, its always difficult to choose when we have options. Diligent helps you identify and determine the best cloud approach for organizations - public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud. We can provide faster, cost-effective and risk-free transition with minimal business impact.

Cloud infrastructure and implementation services :-

We ensure seamless cloud adoption with built-in security, resiliency, availability, and scalability. Our expertise spans across Microsoft Azure, S/4 Hana Cloud, Salesforce Cloud and AWS implementation among others.

Cloud security and governance services :-

We help establish standards for consistency with defined processes, metrics and reporting. We help integrate new processes with existing cloud governance policies, boards and tools.

Cloud management services :-

We enable high availability and continuous optimization of cloud ecosystem with industry best adopted tools. We optimize cloud operations to enable control of security and access to systems, and manage backup and disaster recovery processes.