Developing an E-Commerce Platform and Integrating it with SAP Technology

Diligent Global has over a decade’s experience of working with global organizations to implement emerging technologies based on our profound expertise in SAP and its associated business modules. This is just one example of how we have developed an e-commerce platform with integrated SAP components.

Decoding the complexity of e-commerce features and applications

Our client is a leading global manufacturer of coatings, providing its customers with innovative, colorful and sustainable solutions. Our challenge was to enhance their e-commerce platform, which serves more than 300,000 online customers in North America, Latin America and EMEA with a catalogue of more than 50,000 products. This required complex pricing and promotional features, together with availability checks for thousands of orders in real time. Their customers requiredmulti‑lingual support in five languages (English, German, Spanish, French and Portuguese), providing supply chain status, shipment tracking, accounts payable monitoring, credit monitoring, and updates to customer‑specific catalogues based on monthly orders.

Building and testing a robust and comprehensive e-commerce system

Our teams documented detailed business requirements with technical specifications including add‑ons, improvisations and fit‑gap analyses. Customer‑specific catalogues were created using SAP Product Proposal capabilities. We developed components for real‑time pricing simulation and availability checking in the backend SAP systems, with both synchronous and asynchronous feedback features. Finally, a customer dashboard was created for order monitoring, shipment tracking, credit monitoring and payables reporting capabilities.

Delivering the best experience and outcomes to loyal online users

Diligent Sofware Services teams delivered and integrated the systems on time and within budget, and seamlessly transitioned users to the better experience. The backend SAP systems interfaces were optimized with minimum reusable assets and minimal custom code. A well-orchestrated software development, business testing and technology integration strategy delivered by talented, resourceful teams made this vast project an enormous success. Contact us at for more information about the business case and how our technology development teams can help you with your e-commerce development initiatives.

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