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It is a fact that almost all the small entrepreneurs, with or without an e- commerce website levy a portion of personal data from clients over the net.

Small banks, individual insurance agencies, non-profit organizations, doctors’ offices, and even elementary schools provide forms for people to submit online—including addresses, Social Security numbers, credit card data, phone numbers, and the names of family members. We blanket ourselves with the belief that our data is in safe hands and trust that our personal information is kept behind maximum protection. In fact, if your small business accepts customer data over the Internet, you’re responsible for protecting it from the moment a customer hits ”send” while it’s archived on your network, and until you delete it.

Protecting customer data is smart business. People lose trust in companies that don’t protect their personal data, and untrustworthy companies lose business. Any challenging innovation will have its own share of threats. It is essential to be aware of it and adhere to the best solution and protection measures available. Diligent plays a vital role in safeguarding and coming across with a lenient solution for the customers.

Some of the successful solutions implemented by us are,
  • Interfacing of logistics component with barcode and legacy HR application were carried out.
  • One Round of UAT and one round of mock cutback were carried out.