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ERP readiness is not a term that cross every CIOs, CFOs or project managers. It is more common for executives and project team members to have concerns about budget, how fast they can get to go live and how not to screw up the ERP implementation along the way.

Organizations that take time to build up a strong fortress for protection, despite the fact that they cannot ensure cent percent protection, has a better stand near to success. Just as importantly, ERP readiness helps mitigate some of the most common ERP implementation risks, such as budgetary overruns, misalignment with business needs and operational disruptions at go-live.

Since no organization will ever be completely ready for go-live, how can we assess the level of readiness for your organization? It’s not usually quick and easy to measure. We typically facilitate extensive go/no-go assessments for our clients before they go-live to ensure that things are on track.