Diligent Global Mobile Application Development services include end-to-end mobile app development platforms designed with the latest modern tech integrations to provide the optimal consumer experience.

Holistic Mobile Application Development With Diligent Global

Take the next step in your business evolution by opting for our mobile application development services. No matter the complexities, our experts will help you design the optimal application representing the best of your brand or business at an effective average cost of app development.

Our wide range of application development services covers platforms like:

  • Android: Applications well optimized to run smoothly across every different Android device.
  • iOS: Our professionals have expertise designing iOS applications for Apple mobile devices, iPad, and macOS.
  • Web Application: Develop applications specifically suited to run on web browsers.
  • Hybrid: We develop perfectly optimized applications to run seamlessly across multiple platforms.

Our App Development Journey

Diligent Global follows a robust mobile application development process that considers every challenge possible, along with the best possible solution that can result in a more positive user experience for our clients. Our experts ensure a seamless development journey for our clients and rigid testing protocols before making applications available to their general consumer base.

Our Mobile Application Development Process is as follows:

  • Analysis & Planning
    Our initial step considers analyzing our client’s requirements and deducing exactly what they need. We also do an extensive study on their consumer base to decide the best quality of experience for them. The study deduces the best course of action for mobile development as we lay out the complete blueprint with the average cost of app development for our clients.
  • UI/UX Design & App Development
    Our next course of action involves designing a polished and user-friendly UI/UX design that represents the best of our client’s brand. We design a UI/UX layout modernized to the latest innovative integrations. This step deals with the end-to-end mobile app development designed specifically in accordance with client requirements.
  • Testing & Deployment
    The final step involves alpha and beta testing of the mobile app, along with detecting and fixing any possible errors. The finished mobile app has then proceeded for deployment for public usage upon confirmation from our clients.

Services Offered By Diligent Global

Our expertise sprawl across various mobile application development domains that cover every aspect and step of the app development journey for your business.

  • Custom App Development: We help custom-built design applications well-suited to the business requirements of our clients.
  • Mobile App Development: Develop any sort of mobile application, whether it’s native, hybrid, or web application.
  • E-commerce Development: Take your business online and start selling through our eCommerce mobile app development.
  • Omni-Channel Solution: Merge your physical and digital data into one place and one app with Diligent Omni-Channel App Solution.
  • Educational App: Provide educational services like live online classes with our educational app development.
  • Real-Estate App: Promote real-estate properties with the real-estate-specific application.

Why Choose Diligent Global?

The values of Diligent Global strive to provide the utmost quality of services to our clients alongside a positive working experience. Our team comprises professional experts who can work through complex requirements to deliver the best solution to our clients.

Diligent Global is known for its:

  • Commitment
    Our word is our ultimate commitment. As a team, we are very familiar with our strengths and specialties. We use them to the best extent to back up our words with deliverable quality and take full responsibility for any shortcomings.
  • Client Relationship
    When you partner with Diligent Global, you partner with someone who will stand with you from the initiation of your journey to even beyond. Our work rotates around assessing the client’s needs and eliminating any doubts they have. We maintain complete transparency and let the client stay informed during the development journey.
  • Confidentiality
    We promise full decretion to our clients and ensure their most confidential data remains safe and secure in our servers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Mobile Application Development

Q. What is the average cost of app development?

A. The average cost of app development is determined in accordance with the client’s requirements, which we deduce after our initial meeting could be $5000-$50,000.

Q. What are the different types of mobile apps?

A. The three different types of mobile apps are native, hybrid, and web applications.