“The only constant in life is change”

– Heraclitus

Diligent Global helps organizations protect and leverage their investment in technology to stay competitive in a constantly changing business environment.

Acceptance of change keeps us nimble and focused. Along with our corporate values, this defines how we work, how we conduct ourselves, and how we make decisions. Our purpose is to enable our clients to successfully navigate change, whether that change is instigated by them or thrust upon them.

We understand that your operational performance and investment outcomes must be predictable so that you can minimize your risk and maximize your opportunities. That’s why the partnerships with our clients are real. We will work side-by-side with you to define what you need, take ownership of the work you entrust to us, and do whatever it takes in everything we do to foster that trust.

Our services and solutions are tailored to each client’s individual circumstances and challenges. Our talent becomes your talent, operating in your environment so that you can deploy innovative processes and technologies that are right for you. It’s this collaborative approach that drives absolute confidence in successful delivery.

Our Story

Founded in 2010, Diligent was born out of a desire to do more for clients, more for employees and more for society. With every successful project, this desire became our creed, which is why our employees have always enjoyed fair & equal conditions regardless of who they are or where they have come from, and why we contribute to the communities in which we operate.

Our success in a saturated technology market at a time of global economic hardship was hard-earned. We have proved ourselves in each project delivered and every operation we have been involved in. Our growth has been driven by our determination to earn our clients’ trust through excellence and integrity.

Diligent is now an established, global technology services provider, with over 500 employees operating on five continents. The most important part of our story, however, will always be that which remains to be written. We are proud of our past but remain focused on the challenges ahead, so that we can be equally proud of our future.

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Our Values

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    Focusing on the things that matter the most.

  • union

    Acting honestly and doing what is right.

  • account

    Defining and accepting responsibility and delivering on our commitments.

  • employee

    Embracing openness, teamwork, diversity and employee fairness.

  • four

    Providing value in everything we do.

  • innovation-1

    Adapting to circumstances, demonstrating thought leadership and deploying new solutions.

Technology Partners

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