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  • Financial Planning & Analysis

Use Case Description

  • This was POC for Emirates.
  • Projection of information (like Market / Region / Fleet, etc.) based on growth factors - Application of inflation factor / manual overwrites.
  • Integration of POS / O&D based planning with Sector based planning.
  • Variance Analysis / What if Simulations
  • Crew Budgeting
  • POS / O&D based Cost Planning
  • Workflow & Approval mechanism in the Planning / Budgeting platform
  • Governance through tracking of the planning progress

Solution Brief

  • Multi dimensionality, Integration with ERP and External systems to obtain dimension values + Native Excel Functions.
  • Integrated planning using Fleet information and Flight Schedule Information .
  • Route Profitability planning, Crew productivity Cost.
  • Aircraft Utilization, Avg minutes of flight departures delays, % of flights delayed.
  • Process Monitoring including Administration, Security, Locking of Period, Version.


  • KPI – Route Profitability, Aircraft Utilization %, Crew Productivity Cost trend.
  • Customized solution for HR planning across multiple geographical location, with different HR policies.
  • Seamless integration with SAP ECC helps in obtaining the reference data for planning into the BPC system on a Real time basis.
  • Business process flow streamlines the budgeting process by delegating the tasks and collaborates with approval methodology.